Windows OS and Software Issues

XXX – How to Fix Printer Offline issue in Windows 10, 8.1 and 8


Generally printers go offline because of network or USB cable connectivity issue, or paper jam, or out of paper, in some cases due to printer hardware faults and in some cases printer driver corruption as well. Most of the time it will come back to online by its own right after these issues gets fixed, but in some cases you need to manually make your printer online. This guide shows…
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XXX – How to Delete Stuck Print Jobs in the Windows


At times you might face issues that you are not able to print. Moreover, everything seems to be fine, like the printer is on, connected to a printer, Printer software won’t show any issue. There could be lots of reasons for why a print job is not printing. One of the most common causes is the printer queue has a stuck print job, which is not letting the printer to…
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XXX – How to Manage the Taskbar in Windows


On the Taskbar Want more wider space on screen? One showing off to get it is by feel the Windows taskbar to conceal itself,when it is not in use. For this you need to open taskbar properties, right under the Taskbar tab, then you need to check the Box for Auto-hide the taskbar. As we are adding space, do uncheck the box next to Show Windows Store apps on the…
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Show or Hide Desktop Icons Windows


The Recycle Bin In Windows Vista you could just delete the Recycle Bin icon and be done in imitation of it. Microsoft settled that you shouldn’t have it so approachable, so this is how it works now : Open the Desktop Icon Settings dialog via Personalize > Change desktop icons (Win 7, 8, 8.1) or Personalize > Themes > Related Settings > Desktop icon settings (Win 10). Uncheck the box…
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XXX – How to Navigate Windows 8 with Keyboard


How get your hands on you manage a tile-based Windows interface using a keyboard only..? Simple use the arrow keys! While it isn’t ideal, if the subject of ashore using just a keyboard following Windows 8, you can locate your habit through the various apps and importantly, to the Desktop using the arrow keys, Page Up/Page Down and the Enter key. You’ll know which Start screen apps are chosen thanks…
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List of Run Commands for Windows


List of Run Commands in Windows Operating system. On Keyboard ! Simply Press & Hold Window Key “” , then while holding it just hit “R”key. Run box will appear as shown in following image. Following is the complete list of Run Commands in Windows Operating system. These commands allows to quickly access features and applications. Functions Run Commands Accessibility Controls access.cpl Accessibility Wizard accwiz Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz Add…
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why is my computer running so slow


The most common problem of all. ( My computer is slow) A slow computer can cause many frustrations, but fortunately there is something you can do yourself before you replace it. There may be several reasons for a slow computer; however, the most common is lack of system maintenance. Fragmented data, a corrupted registry, spyware and dozens of unnecessary programs running at the same time, easily eat at the speed…
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XXX – Connection to the QuickBooks | error 6123, 0


Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost / error 6123, 0 When opening or while using a QuickBooks company file over a network, in multi-user mode, or while restoring a backup, you see one or more of the following errors: 6123,0 Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost Why this is happening :- This error can occur if: A network connection with the host computer is…
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Create recovery media Window 7


Creating recovery media using Window’s 7 tools   Press “Windows key”+ “R”.   “Run” box would come up on the screen. Type “sdclt” and click Ok. There are 2 options here: Create a system repair disc Create a system image The system repair disc will boot into Windows recovery mode. Choose this option first and insert a blank DVD and then create the repair disc. Note: We recommend DVD’s other…
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XXX – Troubleshoot QuickBooks in multi-user mode


When opening QuickBooks in multi-user mode Errors that occur while setting up or working in multi-user mode can be time-consuming to diagnose and correct. To help investigate and resolve the error, We recommend downloading the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, which analyzes whether your computer and network connection are set up properly for multi-user mode. If the tool doesn’t help you resolve the error, you can return to this article and…
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