Create recovery media Window 7

Creating recovery media using Window's 7 tools

Win 7 File Recovery


  • Press “Windows key”+ “R”.

Win + r


  • Run” box would come up on the screen.
  • Type “sdclt” and click Ok.
  • There are 2 options here:
    1. Create a system repair disc
    2. Create a system image
  • The system repair disc will boot into Windows recovery mode. Choose this option first and insert a blank DVD and then create the repair disc. Note: We recommend DVD’s other than “Memorex” brand.
  • Select the partitions for which you wish to create a backup.

The system image takes a copy of all the selected partitions and therefore you can restore your computer to the state it is in at the moment the backup is taken which means all your documents, pictures and videos etc will be safely backed up as well.

Confirm System Image


  • When you create the image you will be shown the backup location where the image will be saved and the partitions that will be backed up. Note: recommend using external storage for this purpose.
  • Click on Start backup

Loading System Image


  • It might take few minutes to few hours to complete depending upon amount of data and your computer configuration.
  • When completed you are asked once again if you want to create a “system repair disc”. Note:: “system repair disc” allows you to repair windows instead of doing and complete re-image. We recommend creating this disc too.

Create System Image

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